CHOLLA , driftwood, Multi branch, 6 X 14  inches

CHOLLA , driftwood, Multi branch, 6 X 14 inches

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Cholla is one of the best looking driftwood you can use for an aquarium. 
The Cholla has small openings all along the wood which makes it different then any other driftwood. It is  hollow in many places which creates great hiding and breeding places for your inhabitants. 

Cholla unique qualities, and shapes make it the choice for Aquarium Wood.  

The piece you are buying is approx.   6" X 14"  as laying in the picture. 

You are buying the exact piece you see in the picture.

All the Cholla I sell has been power washed. Depending on how deep your tank is the Cholla may need to be soaked  before it sinks all the way to the bottom.

Cholla will float if allowed to dry out .

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