API Ammonia Test Kit Fresh And Salt Water, 130 Tests

API Ammonia Test Kit Fresh And Salt Water, 130 Tests

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater & Saltwater Ammonia Test Kit measures ammonia levels in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

  • NH3/NH4+ test kit
  • Monitor ammonis to help prevent fish loss
  • Freshwater & saltwater

Ammonia, the number one killer of tropical fish, is continually produced in the aquarium from fish waste, decomposing plants and uneaten fish food.

Ammonia in the aquarium will damage delicate gill membranes, and prevent fish from carrying on normal respiration. High levels of ammonia quickly lead to fish death. Even trace amounts can stress fish, suppressing their immune systems and thereby increasing the likelihood of disease and subsequent fish loss.

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use kit contains two dropper bottles, test solutions, easy-to-read instructions, color chart and glass tube with lid for 130 tests for ammonia level from 0 to 8 ppm.

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