Aponogeton capuronii plant - background plant - BEAUTIFUL

Aponogeton capuronii plant - background plant - BEAUTIFUL

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 Aponogeton capuronii is an aquatic bulb plant native to the island nation of Madagascar.  Aponogeton capuroniis is an excellent aquarium plant as the central focal point in a planted aquarium displaying green leaves that have undulating margins.  Aponogeton capuronii is similar in appearance to Aponogeton ulvaceous, but doesn't grow quite as tall.

You are buying 1 bulb with 4 or more leaves and is averaging approx. 10+" tall.

Hardiness: Moderate
Light Needs: Medium
Plant Structure: Bulb
Family: Aponagetonaceae
Genus: Aponogeton
Region: Africa
Location: Madagascar
Growth Rate: Fast

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