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Crypt lutea also called Water Trumpet is a beautiful mid-ground plant with bright green or bronzy oblong leaves with a gracefully wavy shape. 

Lutea can be planted into the substrate or attached to a rock or piece of driftwood with a cotton thread or fishing wire or Aquatic plant glue.

Common Name: Crypt Lutea

Family Name: Araceae

Origin: Sri Lanka

Height: 4-8”

pH: 6.0-8.0

Care: Medium

Light: Moderate

Co2: Recommended

Propagation: Runners

Growth rate: Slow


You are buying 1 potted plant. Potted plants are much better to start with as they have their entire root system intact and makes it much better when transplanting.

Planting Instructions

Potted plants are started in rock wool. To plant remove as much rock wool as possible. Most of the rock wool will pull off. If you have any left and want it off shake the plants gently by holding it by the roots and shaking in water. Leaving some rock wool will help anchor the plant in your substrate.

To separate the plant into individual plants grab the stems right above the root and pull gently. The roots should separate if they don't stop pulling and try other stems. Swirling this plant in water will help each individual plant separate easier. 

Only plant the root in your substrate, not any of the plant itself or this can cause melting or shock, for more information on planting and caring for your plants please go here

As with all crypt plants, C. lutea is sensitive to changes in water parameters and don’t like to be moved. It is normal for the plant to undergo “crypt melt” when introduced to a new tank, or if water conditions change too much. The leaves of the plant begin to rot and essentially melt away. If this process begins, you can cut away any rot and attempt to stabilize the water parameters. They should produce new growth once they have acclimated. These plants can also melt if the lighting is too strong so moderate lighting is advised. 


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