Frequently asked Questions

How does your rewards program work?

For every dollar spent you will receive 1 reward point (some items do not qualify for reward points.) 

To participate in the Rewards program, you must have an account and shop while signed into your account, not as a guest.

To redeem your Reward points, you can click on "Redeem with points" in the product page, and it will add the item to your cart without charging you.  Another way to redeem your points is by clicking on "My Account" on the left-hand side menu. You will see a star icon with REWARDS next to it as well as how many points you have earned. Click on Redeem, and this will bring you to a page with all the plants that you may redeem for your points as well as how many points each item costs.

NOTE: Please remember that Reward points are to be used on a future order. Not the same order that you received the reward points. There is no way to use them in the same order.

Do you ship during the winter time where the weather is very cold?

Yes, I do ship in the winter time, even to Alaska in the winter time. 
I pack my plants very well to withstand freezing and as long as they don't freeze the cold keeps them fresh. I have never had a problem with the plants showing up frozen unless somebody is not home to retrieve the package for hours. I find it much easier to ship in cooler weather due to cold weather keeping the plants fresh. If you have ever been in a flower store, you will notice they keep their flowers and plants in a refrigerator. This is to keep the plants fresh. If you will not be home when your package will be delivered, then please have them deliver it to your work or a neighbors house.

Do you use Heat Packs when shipping in cold weather?

I do not use heat packs with live plants because heat packs warm up to their hottest temperature within hours of opening and that temperature can reach over 100 degrees. Having live plants go from one temperature to a higher temperature then back down to a lower temperature can be very stressful for live plants. It is much better for them to cool slowly off than to have the temperature go up and down. I pack the plants to withstand freezing temperatures, and as long as they are not left outside in freezing temperaturefor hours the cold weather will keep them fresh. See the answer to the question above.

Are your plants Guaranteed to be Snail Free?

I try very hard to control snails on my plants, but Live aquarium plants and snails go together like peanut butter and jelly. I can not 100% guarantee that my plants are snail free. If you are worried about snails, please treat your plants before putting them in your Aquarium. You can find out how by going to