HEMIANTHUS MICRANTHEMOIDES, Baby Tears on a mat, 15" worth.

HEMIANTHUS MICRANTHEMOIDES, Baby Tears on a mat, 15" worth.

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You are buying One - 3 inch by 5-inch Baby Tears on a mat. As you can see in the picture to the left, this mat is full of  Baby Tears. 

The baby tears are rooted in a coconut fiber and won't come out. It is not tied; it is rooted which makes it more unlikely to come out. You can lay this mat directly on top of your substrate or bury the bottom of the mat just below your substrate.

You can cut the mat to any size or shape you want without hurting the plant although some of the plants will fall off where it is cut.

HEMIANTHUS MICRANTHEMOIDES also know as Baby Tears or Pearl grass is a nice plant that works well as a foreground plant for large aquariums or mid ground plant for small aquariums. In strong light, this plant will grow close to the substrate creating a great foreground plant. In moderate light, this plant will grow up towards the light creating a taller mid-ground plant.

 Hardiness: Easy

Light Needs: Medium

Plant Structure: Stem

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Genus: Hemianthus 

Region: North America

Location: Eastern United States

Growth Rate: Fast

Planting Instructions

Mats that have plants attached should be planted by burying just the bottom of the mat in your substrate. The top of the mat with the plant should not be buried at all. The best way to do this is to carefully move the mat back and forth as you push it down in your substrate. The weight of the mat itself and having it in your substrate should hold it in place. If it does not stay in place, you can add plant weights to the bottom of the mat by inserting them into the mat. Click HERE to view the weights.

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