JAVA FERN TRIDENT,  Microsorum pteropus trident,  easy plant

JAVA FERN TRIDENT, Microsorum pteropus trident, easy plant

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Java fern Trident is  Green, narrow-leaved, smaller form of Java fern, which like other Java Ferns is an easy and safe plant. ’Trident’ is both suitable for beginners, as well as the experienced aquascaper, and fits both smaller and larger aquariums. The name ’Trident’ tells that the plant leafs are tripartite, while the leaves can vary from whole to multipartite. Suitable for planting on stones or tree roots. When planted on the bottom layer, avoid covering the horizontal stalk. New, small plants are often created on the leaf tips, and can carefully be pulled off and planted. 

Hardiness: Very Easy
Light Needs: Low
Plant Structure: Moss / Fern
Family: Polypodiaceae
Genus: Microsorum
Region: Asia
Location: Sarawak
Growth Rate: Moderate

You are buying 1 rhizome with 3 or more leaves. They are averaging 12" tall.

 Planting instructions

You can plant java ferns on driftwood, between rocks, or aquarium decorations. You can also plant them in your substrate but make sure you do not plant any of the rhizome in your substrate, only the black roots that come off the rhizome. Please go here for more information on planting

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