Java Fern Tree,  Microsorum pteropus, Must see - easy Plant

Java Fern Tree, Microsorum pteropus, Must see - easy Plant

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You are buying 1 Gorgeous Java Fern Tree. The tree is approx. 12" to 14" tall and 4" to 6" Wide.
The tree is weighted so all you need to do is find a spot in your tank. No need to do anything else.

We have limited quantity available. 

Java Ferns are great aquarium plants because they can withstand just about all water parameters. From Low light to Highlight and Freshwater to Brackish water. You can Plant Java Ferns in your substrate or attach them to driftwood. 
If you are new to live aquatic plants, then Java Ferns are perfect for you.
 You are buying 1 Java fern; each fern will have 5 or more leaves and be approx. 8+ inches tall.  

 Hardiness: Very Easy

Light Needs: Low

Plant Structure: Moss / Fern

Family: Polypodiaceae

Genus: Microsorum

Region: Asia

Location: Southeast Asia

Growth Rate: Medium

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