Seachem Flourish Iron, 250 ML

Seachem Flourish Iron, 250 ML

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* Highly concentrated iron supplement for aquarium plants
* Liquid supplement satisfies the iron requirements of aquatic plants
* Use with Flourish to ensure healthy aquarium plant growth

Give your plant growth an extra boost! Seachem Flourish Iron is a water conditioner that stimulates plant growth in your aquarium. Recommended for use with Flourish,and Flourish Tabs,  Free of phosphates and nitrates. Iron is an important nutrient in the planted aquarium. Flourish Iron should be used in planted aquariums where aquatic plants demonstrate signs of iron deficiency (such as short and slender stems  yellowing between veins, and yellowing of new growth).

Most all colorful live aquatic plants, such as Ludwigia species and Rotala species need iron supplements to retain  their vibrant colors.


Click here to view a chart with signs of plant deficiency.

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