USPS and their shipping times as of Nov.14th, 2013

Posted by Administrator on 11/20/2013

 I have been having problems with USPS making their delivery times as of November 14th 2013.

I just wanted to let my customers know that USPS is having problems mis-routing orders and taking longer then their advertised 2 to 3 day delivery times the past couple weeks.

Most online live plant companies don't even offer USPS priority due to priority not being a guaranteed service but I have always offered it because 99% of my customers want the less expensive shipping choice.

I have called the 1800 number wanting to find out why they are having problems mis-routing the orders, such as, I had one going from AZ to TX and somehow they routed it to Hawaii. I get the typical answer that they and I have no control of the package once it is dropped off and that they actually have 14 days to get priority to where it is going before they can be held responsible.

From past experience the closer we get to the holidays, Christmas,  the delivery times will take even longer. 

I just wanted you to be aware of this and to point out the guarantee I offer with my plants and shipping time which can be found here
98% of my orders usually have no problems getting delivered when USPS says they will but it is never fun when you fall into the 2%.

Please keep this in mind when you place your order and pick your shipping service.

Thank you

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