WATER SPRITE, Ceratopteris thalictroides - potted

WATER SPRITE, Ceratopteris thalictroides - potted

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Water Sprite, also known as the Indian Fern, is a great plant to use as a mid-ground plant and also as a floating plant. The delicate, lacy leaves also make excellent cover for fry to hide in.

Water Sprite will grow profusely under the right conditions, and for this reason, it is excellent at removing unwanted and unhealthy inorganic nutrients from the aquarium water. In smaller aquariums with open tops, the Water Sprite can grow out of the tank and form beautiful surface leaves. The delicately branched leaves are very decorative and provide good contrast to other leaf shapes.


Hardiness: Moderate
Light Needs: Medium
Plant Structure: Fern
Family: Pteridaceae
Region: Tropics
Growth Rate: Fast

You are buying on 1 pot with 8 or more leaves that are approx. 6" tall.

Planting Instructions

Potted plants are started in rock wool. To plant remove as much rock wool as possible. Most of the rock wool will pull off. If you have any left and want it off shake the plants gently by holding it by the roots and shaking in water. Leaving some rock wool will help anchor the plant in your substrate.

To separate the plant into individual plants grab the stems right above the root and pull gently. The roots should separate if they don't stop pulling and try other stems. Swirling this plant in water will help each individual plant separate easier. 

Only plant the root in your substrate, not any of the plant itself or this can cause melting or shock, for more information on planting and caring for your plants please go here


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